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Urological disorders can be the most embarrassing, stuff inconvenient and embarrassing of health issues. If diagnosed and managed early, order then a lot of urological disorders can be effectively treated with minimally invasive or non-surgical procedures.

The Urology Department of Al Raha Hospital is equipped with outstanding facilities dedicated for the diagnosis and treatment of all the major urological disorders The Urology department offers  wide range of services for the treatment of conditions such as Genitourinary Tract Infections, Urinary Stones  with Lithotripsy and Endoscopic procedures, Neurogenic Bladder, Urinary Incontinence, Male Infertility, Varicocele, Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction, Trans Urethral Resection of Prostate and Bladder Tumor and Treatments for Pediatric Urological problems etc.

Some of the services and treatments offered by the Urology department are :

  • Genitourinary tract infections
  • Renal, Ureteral, Bladder stones
  • Neurologic Bladder & Incontinence
  • Undescended Testis & Hernias
  • Circumcision & Hypospadias
  • Male Infertility & Varicocele
  • Impotence & Andrology problems
  • Prostate Disease & Surgery
  • Minor Surgeries (wounds, lymphomas, warts removal)
  • Diagnostic endoscopy & endoscopic surgery in Urology
  • Urinary Stone Fragmentation with Electro Conductive Technique (ESWL)



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