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Al Raha Hospital had a humble beginning as a general practice clinic in 1983. It commenced with the aspiration of redefining medical care in this region and stayed committed to providing treatment with compassionate services which paved the path to the steady growth of the hospital. More specialties and departments were added to the centre in 1998 and in 2006 the facility developed into a full-fledged hospital by including inpatient services and stat-of-the-art operation theatres.

For over 25 years, medical Al Raha Hospital has been committed to exceed the community’s highest expectations for compassionate, look patient-centered and comprehensive healthcare. Al Raha Hospital’s operations are based on a clinical practice model that promotes an environment of hope, healing and recovery for all. Al Raha Hospital’s team comprises of highly qualified professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds and nationalities and one commitment - ‘Exceeding the expectations of the patients’. Al Raha Hospital is continuously investing in the latest medical equipments and innovations to attend to the various medical requirements and expectations of the patients. Ideally located at the heart of Abu Dhabi city, Al Raha Hospital is one of the very few Hospitals in the country offering Cochlear Implantation Services.

This website is designed to provide information to our community about Al Raha Hospital’s clinical services, which include everything from basic medical care and community activities to the most specialized medical practices for life-threatening injuries and illnesses. Not only will you find visiting hours, telephone numbers and various departmental services offered, there are also links to further information about diseases, treatments, wellness and healthy lifestyle modifications in the Health News section.


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