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General Medicine

The General Medicine Department of Al Raha Hospital comprises of a team of highly qualified and experienced General Practitioners to provide comprehensive medical services to all patients visiting the department on a 24 hours basis. Emergency care such as Nebulization, and Food Poisoning, generic Mild Accidents etc are also provided by our experienced doctors. All kind of immunizations are also provided under the supervision of the doctors. Patients are treated with utmost care and constant monitoring during admission and until discharge.

Some of the services offered by the General Medicine Department of Al Raha Hospital include:

  • Respiratory diseases and infections
  • Cardiac and vascular diseases
  • Hematological diseases
  • Urological diseases and infections
  • Rheumatology, decease Joints, and Back pain problems
  • Orthopedic diseases and fractures
  • Dermatological diseases (Hirsutism , Alopecia)
  • Eye infections and allergies
  • ENT Problems
  • Foreign bodies removal
  • Pediatric diseases
  • Minor Surgeries (Abscesses, wounds)
  • Gastrointestinal and Liver diseases
  • Medical fitness
  • Primary Diagnosis & Follow up of Pregnancy
  • Family Planning

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